Know the Main Features of the System

Products - Complete product register, where it is possible to register both consumable products (consumable products are products that go out of stock and do not come back, for example: paper, printer ink, pen, etc.) as well as non-consumable products (non-consumable products they are products that leave the stock but must return to the stock at a certain time, for example: tools). The product register has several fields to assist in the control of your warehouse, minimum stock and maximum stock, reference (usually used for manufacturer's code or any other code), product bar code field, among others.
Registration of suppliers - Registration and maintenance of companies that supply materials for the warehouse.
Registration of requesters - Registration of company employees who request material from the warehouse.
Stock Movement - We have the modules for entry into inventory, exit into inventory, return of non-consumable products and maintenance of inventory movement, entry into inventory can be done either through the entry into stock movement IN module or through the purchase order module, the same goes for the exit in the stock that can be as much for the exit in the stock as for the requisition. The return of non-consumable products controls all returns of non-consumable products made by the requesters. The deleting / reversing a stock movement serves to exclude and reverse any stock movement that was posted wrong.
Transfer between Stocks - Transfer products between stocks in an easy way.
Requisitions - In the requisitions module, it is the place where the material is ordered for the warehouse, the requisitions can be filled out either by the administrator or by the company's own employees (requisters), the requisition has the option of approval, disapproval, cancellation and there is also the possibility of printing the requisition with a place for the requester to sign.
Purchase Orders from Suppliers - The purchase order module controls purchases made for the warehouse and the receipt of products by the warehouse.
Reports - Hundreds of reports available in the system, reports of items in stock, movements in stock, items below minimum stock, requisitions, purchase orders, and much more ...
User Permission Control - Define what each user can and cannot do on the system with permission control.
User Registration - Module where system users are registered, the system has two types of users, administrator type users and requesters type users, administrator type users have access to the entire system (since who have permission to do so), since users of the requester type have access only to the requisitions module and can only see their own requesitions, users of the requester type are unlimited and have no additional cost.

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